Touch screens have revolutionized the way we relate to our gadgets, bringing features and ways to use a cell phone that we had not even imagined less than 10 years ago.

The facilities offered by the touchscreen go through several factors and one of the main changes was, of course, the elimination of a physical keyboard – which made virtually all devices lighter and leaner.

And no matter what your device, whether it’s an iPhone, a Galaxy S or a tablet, everyone will always have a problem in common: fingerprints scattered throughout the device. And what is the best way to clean a touchscreen?

What do I use to clean?

The main instrument to be used for cleaning a touchscreen is the washcloth. This is because you need to have a specific type of towel for this use, since different cloths can end up damaging the screen instead of cleaning something.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you use those specially developed for cleaning electronics, such as touchscreen gadgets or even TVs and LED or LCD monitors.

These washcloths are developed from microfibers that do not harm the delicate construction of the screen of these devices. In addition, the fibers of these towels are arranged so that when rubbed they do not cause surface scratches – as might happen if you use some paper towel or your shirt bar, for example.

This is so important that companies generally recommend certain brands of wipes. However, if you find nowhere specific the one pointed out by the manufacturer of your gadget, know that there are even better alternatives to clean your device.

An excellent choice is the 3M Scotch Brite Hi-Tech Cleaning Cloth. This washcloth is exclusively for use in electronics (including the one we use here at Tecmundo for the cleaning of our testers) and it works very well. In addition, it has an inviting price and a world-renowned brand behind its manufacture.

How to clean

Well, with the perfect wipe in hand, the first thing to do is turn off the device, as well as disconnect it from any power cable or even the headphones. In addition to ensuring security during cleaning, this will help you in identifying dirt spots in the gadget.

With everything off, what you need to do is simple: just lightly wipe the washcloth on the screen, always making small circular motions. It is not necessary to use any kind of product or even wet the towel, since the microfiber itself will eliminate the dirt and microbes deposited on the screen.

Avoid cleaning products

Some devices, such as the iPad or the iPhone, have an on-screen protection substance known as oleophobic coating. This “shield”, we might say, is able to repel the oil left behind by your fingers when using the appliance – and cleaning products can cause this coating to lose effectiveness quickly.

In addition, many of these cleaners rely on corrosive substances that can affect the performance of your gadget. Therefore, do not use glass cleaner, soap powder or any type of product that contains alcohol, ammonia or such ingredients.

Also remember that the warranty certificates of virtually all companies do not cover damages caused by liquids.

Heavy Dirt

Were you eating that guava-filled bread and knocked over a generous portion of jelly on your device? Well, in that case, maybe just using the dry towel is not enough.

When the dirt escapes the usual fingerprints and sweat, take a small bowl and fill it with water.

Then pour a drop or two of dishwashing detergent into the pot and mix. With this solution created, take a small tip from the washcloth and dip it into the water.

Then lightly make circular movements on the screen of the device, as was said earlier when doing a normal cleaning. Then use the dry part of the wipe to finish.

If necessary, repeat the process, but always remember not to rub the dirt hard or wet the device excessively so as not to cause scratches or other serious trauma to your gadget. Also, do not spill water or spray any liquid directly onto the screen.

While she does not arrive

If you do not find a cleaning cloth specifically for this type of cleaning in any store and do not want to wait for the internet purchase to arrive at your home, there are some temporary solutions.

You can, for example, use some other extremely soft cloth, some that does not loosen and is extremely clean – preferably some that have never been used. But remember that using the right products is the best way to clean the screen of your gadgets.