There are certainly problems for any kind of operating system, even Windows 8, or the latest Windows system. For example, installing the program may cause unexpected changes to the Windows system or even system crashes. This will lead to the impossibility of normal use of your PC. Also, if you can not resolve this issue after uninstalling the program, you will need to restore Windows 8.

Restore factory windows 8

In fact, Microsoft has already planned the problems on the use of the Windows system and gave it a rescue solution, the factory system restore. To do a factory reset, just follow a few steps:

Press the Windows key + I -> Click Change PC Settings -> Click General in the left window menu -> Click Start All Remove and reinstall Windows in the right menu -> Follow the instructions given. Finally, your PC will be restarted and will return to the state with the original Windows configuration, like the first time you connected.

There is one thing you can not ignore. The factory restore system will cause data loss and system partition configuration. It is probably impossible to recover the lost data. Do not worry. Another method to restore Windows 8 without data loss is also available.

Restore Windows 8 without loss of data

Before restoring Windows 8, you should prepare a Renee Becca tool. It can back up the operating system with all configurations, installed programs, files, etc. After restoring the Windows 8 system, you can normally start the operating system and use your PC. Nothing is changed or deleted. Your PC will return to what you’ve saved. This method prompts you to prepare a Windows operating system backup in advance.

Renee Becca offers five types of backup, such as chain version mode, unit version mode, full mode, incremental mode, and differential mode. These modes allow you to save more storage space and more hard disk space. You can also set some settings for system backup, such as automatic computer shutdown after completing the backup, compressing backup files, and so on. When backing up the system, you can browse the Internet, watch the movie or do other things as usual. Few processes are occupied by Renee Becca during the Windows 8 system backup. As for manipulation, nothing is difficult. Even a 10 year old can do it.

Step 1: Download and install Renee Backup on your computer.

Renee Backup works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2003.

Step 2: Get free activation code and activate software


Once you get the activation code for free, you will have the full version Renee Bacca and the right of permanent use.

Step 3: Select System Backup and the target location to save the system image file.

You can save the Windows 8 system image to an internal hard disk partition (except the system partition) or to an external hard drive. The partitioning capacity of the internal hard disk or external hard drive must be greater than that used in the original system partition.

The time required for system backup depends on the occupied areas of the system partition.

Step 4: Click Create CD to Create a Startup Disk

You can not restore the Windows system using the Windows system. You must restore from another environment except Windows 8, such as Windows P

Step 5: Turn on the boot disk you created and restart the computer from the boot disk

When you start your computer, press any key to enter the BIOS menu and change the boot order. If the optical drive is not the first in the boot order, your PC will start “normally” (i.e. booting from your hard drive) without even looking at what might be on your drive.

You must restart the target computer and hold a key to enter the BIOS menu.

Exemple: IBM, DELL, Phoenix, Lenovo, Sony, NEC, TOSHIBA, ASUS, Acer, Gateway

(Do not see the mark you have? Refer to scaling your PC manual to find out the method.)

Step 6: Select the image file system you have done and the target partition

After you have completed restoring Windows 8, you can click Restart and go into Windows 8 as before.

Tips :

  1. If the system image file does not appear in the list, click Manual loading and find it for yourself
  2. The original data of the selected destination partition will be deleted once the recovery begins. Data recovery will be impossible.